We are inspected by OFSTED (Office for Standards in Education) to ensure we comply with this curriculum and that the children are receiving high quality education. A copy of our most recent and very positive inspection (February 2016) is available here. It is also available at the school and on the OFSTED website. The curriculum is delivered in a variety of ways from teacher-led planned activities to self-initiated exploratory and imaginary play.

Every Child Matters’ (DfES 2003) sets out five areas of outcomes to improve the life chances for all children and young people.

Being Healthy: 

Enjoying physical and mental health and living a healthy lifestyle

Staying Safe:

Being protected from harm and neglect

Enjoying and Achieving:

Getting the most out of life and developing the skills for adulthood

Making a Positive Contribution:

Involved with the community and society and not engaging in anti-social or offensive behaviour

Economic Wellbeing:

Not being prevented by economic disadvantage from achieving their full potential in life.

At the nursery school we follow a curriculum that has been issued by the Department for Education. This curriculum is known as the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’. It states the levels of expected achievements for a child up until the end of the Reception Year in Primary School.

The nursery school curriculum is divided into seven areas of learning;

Three prime areas:

Communication and Language

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Physical Development

and four specific areas:

Understanding of the World



Expressive Arts and Design

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